Photograph of David Spurling
David Spurling

David Spurling has written 21 textbooks on a range of subjects including Economics, Business, Sociology, Tourism, Accounts and Transport. He has also had a joke book published.

He has taught people from more than fifty countries at a range of schools and colleges. He was a senior lecturer in Transport Economics at what is now Birmingham City University. He now provides personal tuition for students of all ages.

David is the founder of Learning Through Cooperation Ltd. He also founded a college in Nairobi, Kenya,  to provide educational assistance to a developing, and was a member of the Nigerian business examinations Council.

He is an examiner for the Association of Business Managers and Administrators, and was a statistics examiner for the Chartered Institute of Transport. He was also an assistant examiner with Edexcel for Labour Economics.

David is a Quaker and this influences his views on social issues. He devised a survey on the single homeless. He regards climate change as one of the major issues facing the world today.

He has been Parliamentary candidate for Meriden and a councillor in both Essex and Kent.

He is a fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, and so was Florence Nightingale, but not at the same time!