David Spurling is an educational writer with considerable experience working with students and young people. He is an experienced lecturer, having taught in a wide variety of schools and colleges. He is a script marker for ABMA, and a former A-level examiner for Labour Economics. He is currently the chairman of the international organisation Learning Through Co-operation Ltd, which seeks to provide affordable education for those with a passion for learning. He set up a college in Kenya to provide educational assistance to a developing country. He is the author of 21 different educational textbooks. Having often worked with young people, David has come to realise just what knowledge all generations require to become successful and financially independent.

David regularly writes his thoughts on the website blog, where he covers all sorts of different topics. He also provides tutoring to students in need of assistance with learning material or techniques, through both personal tuition visits and online tutoring through Skype.

David has taught at Borden Grammar School, University of London, Greenwich University, Birmingham City University. His examining experience includes A-level labour economics, CILT statistics, ABMA marking. David’s 21 textbooks, published by Penguin, Pitman, amongst others, cover subjects including economics, business, sociology, tourism, accounts and transport. David’s textbooks can be provided at a discounted rate.

Anthea, his wife, is also an experienced teacher. She has a certificate in education and a TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages) grade A. She has taught in local primary schools. She is a music specialist.

The Spurlings are both DBS checked and mainly tutor from their home, but can provide tuition at your local workplace. They can provide distance learning, including David’s textbooks when appropriate.